Line Up: Nanne EmelieLead Vocals, Andreas Hartholt– Bass, Rasmus Lund –Drums, Niels Thybo – Piano/Keys, Somma Alipass – Cello, Mads Mathias – Sax, Ayi Solomon – Percussion

When NANNE EMELIE grew up in the countryside of Denmark, she would often sit at the kitchen table drawing and singing stories while her mother was baking or cooking. “I sang when I had something important on my mind and words seamed to small,” says the singer and song writer. And that’s what she still does.

Her debut album, Once Upon A Town, is the logical continuation of her childhood experience of music, as a way of saying the unsaid. “When I was a child, music was my own private haven, either when I was sitting at the kitchen table or strolling through the fields or woods Singing my heart out” says Nanne Emelie: “I was a very expressive girl who liked to express my mind, And sometimes it would be easier to express by singing, then It was just a song, right?” And she’s never stopped singing that song.

It’s a long way from her native village Kollund to Cuba, but for 18-year-old Nanne Emelie Andersen it was not fare at all. As part of her music education, she was offered to study on the beautiful albeit shabby pearl in the Caribbean. Intuitively, for that’s the way she is, she knew that both she and Cuba would benefit from the acquaintance. “While my two older brothers dreamt boy dreams of becoming fire fighters or police officers – “I new already as a child that singing was my way of expressing my soul and a very central part of me” she says.

Therefore she did not hesitate to withdraw all of her child savings. And left without knowing any Spanish, to one of the last communist dictatorships in the world, “where people did not control their own lives, which I got to understand to some extend…”

“My mother told me that I’d never come back,” says Nanne Emelie, and “She was right in the sense that the girl who left Denmark was not the same girl who returned.” Her stay in Cuba became what the singer herself calls an educational journey. with a lot of singing, dancing, drumming, musicstudies and concerts with local musicians, known and unknown. They all became members of her extensive network, many of whom are now on the list of performers on her album.

“I made an promise with myself very early in life: I would always follow my heart, both privately and as a musician and make work and passion one. I would take my artistic side seriously, so I took music lessons in Cuba to develop my musical talents, I took singing lessons from an opera singer, and piano lessons, and I fell in love with the music, the musicians and ofcourse a man” Nanne Emelie laughs with the cheerfulness that is just as contagious as are her more reflective songs. Even though we are not a couple anymore, this Man became my musical guide through many years, and still is a big musical support for me.

she returned to Denmark at the turn of the millennium with a different perspective on life and inspiration for new compositions in her luggage. And a even stronger promise to herself to continue to always follow her heart.

To make her dream come true, Nanne Emelie worked as a disabled carer to finance the fulfilment of her dream. This job also added to the compassionate sides of her, which she is sure is reflected in her music. “After a concert people often come to me with a little tear in the eye and tell me how they remember forgotten parts of themselves through my songs…” and this touches me deeply.

Nanne Emelie recognises and feel inspired by “the unbearable lightness of life”. As she expresses it, our society becomes “more and more plastic like. We’d rather be on Face book than take a walk in the woods and the presence of the digital media is felt everywhere … We become more and more alienated if we do not nurture our closeness. Not so many years ago we knew each other’s phone numbers by heart. Not so any more. Now it’s the mobile that remembers our friends.”

Nanne Emelie practises yoga and meditation to keep herself in Balance: “In the end,” she says, “it’s all about preserving our inner self. We are often involved in so many outside activities that it is important to take time to search inside ourselves. Only then can we distinguish between what is important and what is unimportant to us ” she believes. Wich she is doing her best to describe in the second song of the album “Stay Beautiful”

she does her best to practice what she preaches and this is certainly reflected in the music on her debut album “Once Upon A Town”.

Nanne Emilie