Line Up:
Mike H0 – Guitars/Vocals
Michelle Boysen – upright Bass
Bo Johansen – Percussion

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Cuban and Latin folk music is one long love story between the Spanish guitar and the African drum! La Liga Latina is a gathering of accomplished musicians to whom it is a passion to communicate this musical heritage. From guaguancó I which is regarded as beeing mother of Cuban folk music I styles like rumba, son and danzón were developed. The influence of American jazz in the 1920s led to the modern sentimental bolero which, much later, was beautifully exposed worldwide by Buena Vista Social Club. La Liga Latina offers many examples of this heritage. Their special and critically acclaimed interpretations of the Cuban/Latin songbook along with original compositions creates energetic sphere where respect, creation and innovation goes hand in hand and only the deaf can sit still. The group is formed by experienced musicians from the Scandinavian World Music scene and performs regularly with guest musicians from around the globe. The core orchestra consists of Mike H (La Vaca de Mala Leche, The Sexican) on vocals and various nylon stringed instruments, Michell Boysen (Otro Mundo) on double bass and Bo Johansen (Little Havana) on percussion.

La Liga Latina can be an intriguing and intimate trio concert setup or an 10Ipiece blowIout w/horn section, choir etc. – and anywhere in between…