A bluesy, jazzy and funky hour of fun and loving musicians sharing standard songs withswinging

grooves and melodic tones. Deborah Herbert and FRIENDS have played together for 2 years.

At Kind of Blue a live recording to be officially released soon.Deborah Herbert (USA) has sung

since she was 7 years old and played in Copenhagen for over 20 years. The sultry, powerful, “from

the heart” singer takes you on a journey of America’s History through the eyes of Copenhagen,

Denmark accompanied by brilliantlytalented and loving FRIENDS.

deborah herbert

Norman Fearrington is an American drummer of exceptional old school meets hip hop quality.Recorded

with Chet Baker, Eddie Harris, Marvin Gaye, and Jean-Luc Ponty. He brings the swing to another level with

his powerful rhythms and subltle beats. Marko Martinovic (born1967) is a pianist, composer,improviser&

teacher. He came to cph in mid 90 & has performed withMany different bands. Mm has always been

interested in writing and playing his own Music. Since 1999 with Trioscope & over the last years with his

quintet. The debut cd “Quintessence ” came out in 2012, Got a Grammy nomination and received good critics.

Mm points towards an expressive Music where thère is peace in the structure and freedom in the

improvisation. Arnold Ludvig is a Faroe Island native virtuoso on bass with a spiritually melodic tone and

funky grooves. He has currently released his debut Jazz album Voyages on Tutl Records.His funky style

keeps it rocking steady. Deborah’s Love Jazz Jam Deborah Herbert Jazz Hostess