API PIPO ( Afro/Rock )

Line Up: Alain Apaloo – Guitar/voc, Mariane Bitran – flute, Simon Spang-Hanssen – Sax, Gorm Bulow – Piano, Sahra da Siva – Back Vocals, Ayi Solomon – Perc, Morten Ankarfeldt – Bass, Rasmus Lund – Drums 

Api Pipo impresses with a joyous compound of West African big city music, modern jazz and afro-pop: African grooves meet advanced harmonies and natural melodic lines.

“Good advice: EnjoyAlain Aploo perform livewhile heishere,because the worldis open tothis West Africanmultitalent!”
Ivan Rod – Gaffa (Danish Music Magazine)

Alain Apaloo’s Apipipo is a gigantic eye-opener to what’s happening on the Danish worldmusic scene. The music is open-minded and without limitations.

The music of “Api Pipo” is an unusual and uplifting blend of West-African tradition with influences from all over the world, producing what you might call an “afro-jazz-pop-acid-ethno-mix”. In Alain Apaloo’s compositions and reinterpretations of Togolese traditionals, the interplay between grooves, sequences, advanced harmony and a personal melodic flair is quite unique.

With “Api Pipo” we are listening to a unique blend of latin, soul, blues and jazz. The compositions are based on positive and catchy melodies in naivistic arrangements, which are dancing above an intensely groovy, yet precisely defined pulsation.
Alain Apaloo is a guitarist who, in spite of his dazzling instrumental skills, always keeps a collective approach to the
execution of his craft. He never appears as a star who has to shine more brightly than his fellow musicians. This is why the band presents an incredibly energetic and coherent unity. Even though the music demands great technical abilities, it remains playful and effortless.