Line Up: John Sund – Guitar, Morten Lundsby – Upright Bass, John Ehde – Cello, Ayi Solomon – Percussion

Acoustic Sense has thrilled many audiences far and wide with their atmospheric and colourful music – and the orchestra is appearing just as colourful with its line-up, consisting of a world/jazz guitarist, a classical cellist (who is a genuine improviser), a jazz bassist and an African percussionist.

John Sund formed Acoustic Sense in 2001, together with cellist John Ehde, bassist Morten Lundsby and percussionist Ayi Solomon. Their debut CD “New Gems” arrived in 2003. It was well received by the reviewers and it was nominated by Danish World Awards, in the “Best CD of the Year” category, 2004. Acoustic Sense is occasionally working with different guest musicians and on “New Gems”, they had a rewarding cooperation with the Serbian accordionist, Lelo Nika.

The music of Acoustic Sense can be difficult to attach with a label, but to categorize it as World/Jazz, would probably be the closest one gets, although it might be best off described as original music, with its own personal and unique style, emerging from composer John Sund’s lifelong experience with all kinds of musical styles and combinations.

On the musical journey, the orchestra leads its audience on, one experiences everything from beautiful Nordic tones, to a strong rhythmic drive – from simple, soulful melody-lines to energetic power.
Even if the music occasionally skips “into the wilderness”, the musicians are always capable of demanding the attention of its audience, due to their genuine presence.

The members have worked with some of the top musicians on the Danish and international jazz and world music scene, including: Marilyn Mazur, Palle Mikkelborg, Thomas Clausen, Danish Radio Big Band, Pierre Dørge’s New Jungle Orchestra, Randy Brecker, Moussa Diallo, and many more…

Individually and together, they have toured world wide, and recently Acoustic Sense played at the Beijing International Jazz Festival, where they soon became the main attraction of the festival.

This formation that John Sund has come up with in Acoustic Sense is just as rich on facets as the music itself…
– By Ulrike Kress –

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